independent living

Bora Health is a community-interest organisation dedicated to supporting independent living for all through the sharing of free information.

We are committed to the belief that the ability to continue to live independently and age with dignity should be the right of everyone, not only for those that can afford it. With that in mind we built our business and online community with the goal of sharing information and providing advice around high quality products and services at a price that is affordable to everyone.

Through building effective partnerships across the industry, both commercial and non-financial, Bora Health is the primary network for elderly people, and representing organisations, to discover more about independent living for the elderly.

Our Mission

We believe in the importance of the sharing of information on independent living with the broader community. We are committed to keeping you and our Partners informed of any developments in best practice, or new advice or guidance, to support people staying in their homes longer, and more importantly – safer.

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